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Very well said! A beautiful blog post by Kathleen Duncan.


Blue Ribbon School Award

When we see someone hurting, we all want to say something, anything, to make it better. But the truth is, you cannot make it better with your words. And some things can actually make a grieving parent feel worse. Only God can heal the brokenness felt by a parent who has buried their child.

If you do say one of these things, know that we will forgive you. We know you are trying to help and love us. We try to walk in grace and forgiveness. But if you can, take time think before you speak. And please try not say these things to a grieving mother or father.

I know what you’re going through.

Unless you have walked in their shoes, you cannot know all that another person is facing. You cannot know their fears, pain, and struggles.

Unless you have lost a child, you cannot know what a…

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