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Who am I? Well, I’m a nobody, actually. But I’ve lived. In fact, I’m beginning to realize that I’ve lived a long time. Almost 60 years, now. My husband, Dan, who is a couple of years older than me, is also starting to realize the years behind him are greater than the years ahead of him. As this realization settles in, the looking back becomes more nostalgic than we ever believed it would.

My husband, Dan, and I are beginning to realize that we have lived a long time; probably much longer than either of us thought we would some 40 years ago when we first met.  We’ve lived a lot of life and done a lot of things together.  And I want to share some of our story with anyone who wants to read it.  It won’t be profound, I’m sure, and sometimes it might be downright boring and/or confusing, but it might also be interesting and insightful.  I will probably learn some things, as I almost always do, as I write it out, remembering the ups and downs, the good times and the bad, the ridiculously happy and tragically sorrowful.  I will, as I often do, see the hand of God in our lives as I muse on our times together building, learning, growing, teaching and pressing on through all of it.  Both Dan and I have been Christians since we were each 17 years old, so Christianity and the things of God will be woven throughout our story as naturally as we breathe.  But I do not intend this blog to be “preachy”.  I’m just saying, it’s going to be in there, because He’s in our lives……our story……The Story of our Lives. 

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